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tour cindy crawford and rande gerber and george Clooney's houses in Mexico

On the Baja peninsula, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber team with their longtime pal and business partner George Clooney to build stunning neighboring houses

By Brad Goldfarb

Photography by Björn Wallander

November 3, 2016

sun-kissed architecture perfectly harmonizes with the
surrounding landscape, where the desert meets the sea.


A bronze and teak gate comes into view as you approach the home, guarding a tranquil water feature with stones that appear to float upon its surface. The sound of trickling water draws you toward the courtyard beyond.


“On a breezy day the plumeria trees drop flowers into the water that
float around the stone pavers, catching your eye and slowing your step.”

 Sharon Okada, Senior Project Manager, Walker Warner


an exclusive first look at the world’s ultimate resort villa
"Nine years later, Warner is at it again. This time, however, the billionaire best known as the creator of Beanie Babies is bringing his flair for the dramatic to the beaches of Baja California. In addition to the Four Seasons New York, Warner is the proud owner of one of Mexico’s—and the world’s—finest coastal resorts, Las Ventanas al Paraíso, on the Baja peninsula’s Los Cabos corridor. This July, the Rosewood-managed retreat will unveil its new La Mansión del Señor Warner, a $35,000-per-night villa that promises to do for resort rooms what the Four Seasons Penthouse did for city suites."

top of the rock


AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard conjures a breathtakingly dramatic retreat in Mexico. 

"None, however, has been as inspiring a task as my latest, Casa El Faro, a modernist aerie perched high on a rocky point on the Baja Peninsula overlooking the Sea of Cortez."


Pages 74-83

By Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Photography by Douglas Friedman

July, 2021

del entorno y sus colores

De la imaginzación a la realidad, la diseñadora Paulina Jiménez ha creado un hermoso refugio  frente al Mar de Cortés. 

"Dentro de las propuestas del equipo de diseño, saltan a la vista de inmediato la diversidad y la riqueza de los materiales, el eclecticismo de las piezas diseñadas de manera especial para cada uno de los espacios, así como los sutiles contrastes que se logran entre las texturas y los colores."

Páginas 90-101

Diseño /  Paulina Jiménez

Artículo /  David Solís

Fotografía / Hector Velasco Facio

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